She had a red knife and he, he pulled it out
On false pretense that she had doubt.
She had a body that he, he threw it down. She invited him home,

but he went downtown.
Her nothing is everything wherever he roams,
He can only be himself outside of her home.
Bless him bless him bless his heart, never should have looked at her

as if she didn’t know her part.
He went downtown and he went downtown to be by himself away

from her cold
And this is what he told b
and this is what he told:
‘If you have a duty let, let it be,
Let it be praise upon her,
Let yourself bow when you touch her hair,
Let yourself know that you been there oh,
You been there, oh you been there
She is a maiden of time and sorrow,
The tears of time wet tomorrow
Where everyone is made of dough, made of dough, made of dough
And the unleavened bread of the dead his mother’s scorn,
The cause and the reason is not square--sure they were--sure
There’s no more wing
or him to fly, it’s a time to mourn
no more room for him to fly its time to mourn Time to mourn dying

in a silo full of corn, full of corn, and lying in the end with a soul

that would not bend
It would not bend, they would not bend, woo it would not bend
And he bowed and said, he said out loud, just pour it in the wine

who knows my heart
He knows my heart,  woo he knows my heart, oh he knows my heart
Then he saw her there, cut and burned and all the salvation that

he had learned, that he had learned
Left him for grief and forever turned, forever turned, forever turned,

forever turned