Enola Gay

Legion of the white ships across the sea,
Navigating time with eternity;
Causing custom to mold a nationality.
It can’t be helped
The pearl of wisdom a Kalm-
It can’t be helped
Shout it loud, shout it loud, where’s the cloud
Shout it loud, Oh, loud…
O Enola, Enola
Why suppose you the boys died that day?
“Because they where hurtful.  
They were hurtful to me.
The light went out from humanity
They were direful - Full of dirt;
The light burned them through the undershirt.
They were certain, They were certain as can be,

and that was the cost of certainty.”
O Enola, Enola Gay.
Why, oh why are you crying today?
“Because aside from ‘Go away,’  there nothing left to say.”
O Enola, on your own.
E-N-O-L-A spells alone.
O grievous mourning, occupied for the day.
The tears of the people are ashen and grey
A new generation borne from sorrow
A hundred million children made for tomorrow
Then the yens yanked busianess from ends to means--
And robot whales packed it in like sardines
All in a dream going round and rounds,
A rainbow of art in a world all brown.
O Enola, Enola Gay What have you, what have you,

what have you to pray?
“Everybody listen cause culture’s:
Out with the geisha and in with anime,”
And then the birth of cool from the silence of the void.
Smaller and smaller cannot be destroyed.
Minuscule for minuscule, reducing it down to clever convention
And a cartoon crown.”
O Enola, Enola Gay What have you, what have you, what have you to say?
“O Great Gods, its the summer of my light,
Behold Godzilla and story’s fright;
Mothra goddess cinema.”
We sent a billon to cars to America
Off they went
Well, Speedracer’s wheels on American pavement,
A raver reads manga in New York City and a hundred million children say, “Hello kitty.”
Konichiwa, Konichiwa. I said it twice.
Konichiwa. I said it thrice.
Ninja with a briefcase, a new reality,
Brethren to the Land of the Brave and the Free
The business of business: a new dialect,
A cos-play universe, where all are elect
It can’t be helped
Rubber soul run up the flag pole
Red the spot of a new mentality
Investment in a bank of the galaxy
Legend of the white ship; how could it be?
Nation of the rainbow made party
It can’t be help