Before friends were round
I gathered diamonds under ground
Wandering ‘round
I cried a pool, looked into it
I saw a fool--the diamonds weren’t a friend--a beautiful mind I could defend
Crumbled in a cave, a long dark cave
Where freedom and joy cannot crave. The friendless fool is not brave,
Only can the surgeon say  - no identity;
They wakened me from a long dark nap
She dried into glue
They saw not a whisper from her trap.
Their religion was a motley crue,
But the colors come, one by one
Love made me, in the sun
On the Astral I talked to another one.
She gave me away, to everyone.
I only know my body.
It is always yours, Sophia
Free ee ee ee eeeedom free ee ee ee eeeedom

free ee ee ee eeeedom free ee ee ee eeeedom
In the mind of God, the world has a nod -
No fishing rod; all doors unlocked and all applaud.
The bower humbles by the knowing bumble bee,
Eyes the One, lucidly
The voice of light; see the dignity in his moan
Angel on a cloud, without a shroud,
Plants and water in the sun.
All she has seen and all she has known,
On the river of riddle, on and on;
Jesus in a fish
Gives all the wish
All of their eyes in circle of grief
Every single one delicate leaf.
The tireless heart is all broken for all  bespoken  
And all healed, so she will never yield
The grief of competition
Cries at home,
Hurts no more
Because no one is poor and there is nothing to strike.
Mind is gone away.  
Planet here to stay  
Because the wandering girls
Hold up the sky -
And there are no more jobs.
Bread in the heart: there’s so much bread.
And I’m alone in space, with only God’s grace,
Letting the music say the way to go away,
We camp alone, at home alone with my friends;
Knowing all that pass because the Cross could not last;
It came down,
Killing itself on our crown:
Free ee  ee ee eedom Free ee  ee ee eedom

Free  ee ee ee eedom Free ee  ee ee eedom  
In the mind of God

the world has a nod….