Fairy Congregation

Say you’re on Mars and you really have a hunger,
Fairies will come and take you under,
Under the ground where there’s nobody round
To find your lost socks in the family lost and found.
Kiss you on the cheek and make you feel better.
Sit yourself down and write a thank you letter.
Send the letter to the fairy congregation and they will take a look and get back another day-tion
Woo, now camera‘s are a-snap pin the fairies are alight.
A model and her husband, they’re having a fight.
Help them work it out and get along cause they really are so in love and nothing’s wrong.
Send them to a girl with an advanced degree
A fairy with an office of psychotherapy.
 Now, Rosie, she’s an angel of the seventh degree.
She knows how to do when they come for the money,
Used to be a princes in a royal family.
They chopped  down her mushroom for the family tree.
She was so upset she became a Goth.
Was a butterfly, then she had to be a moth
Now Xaime, she’s a gem with peace in her face.
Her legs are long and made of grace.
She’s in the presence of love and it presents a punch,
Gets really hungry then she goes to lunch.
The waiter sees her, he asks for a date.
She says she cannot ‘cause she got to meditate and
“Beside I’m a Nun
I’m never romantic
I’m totally celibate and a bit pedantic.

But I can give you something that you might really need its called Ecology.
Then I will conceive  
I have a little book made of paper,
About my Lord and this crazy caper
About overcoming death with the light of His mind,
And I will be your friend if your so inclined, whoa.
Distant lands are over there.
They call to us from fairies who live nowhere.
The fairies are phonin’ from the astral plan.
They want us to learn a new kind of sane.
Put praise to the sky, Praise to the dirt, Distinguish what you need

and you won’t need to hurt
Praise to the flowers and praise to your friends.
Take out a loan and bankrupt dividends.
Kind of like that when you give your life
To a Sailor with a Cross and a butter knife
So if you send a letter to the fairy congregation
They will take a look and get back another day-tion
 If you send a letter to the fairy congregation they will take a look